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What sort of gifts do people buy for the bridal couple? What is it known for? A conclusion that weighs up the arguments already mentioned is a really good opportunity to use a conditional sentence. What is your position?

What sort of gifts do people buy for the bridal couple? What kind of games did you play when you were a child? Do you speak this language? Did you go to a co-educational school? How do you feel about shopping?

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Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing. However, there is a system to use that gives you a great balanced structure which will help you get a good mark for answering the question What do you like to do when you go out? So just give your first instinct opinion and don't try to out-think yourself. Best essay for you ielts speaking Do people in your country go out a lot?

What are some of the disadvantages? Essentially, this means that you give your opinion again that you stated in the introduction. Describe the wedding ceremony.

Do people in your country use the Internet a lot? Describe someone in your family who you like. The relevant vocabulary here is "a miscarriage of justice". Best essay for you ielts speaking What do they usually do there?

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Are people in your country generally close to their families? When do you use you're and when do you use you r? In Task 1 of the IELTS Writing paper 1 hour , the examiner is looking for your ability to identify and describe — in academic style — the main fea In fact, one of my favorite games is supposed to be the best for brain fitness. If capital punishment was reintroduced into society, I do not believe that it would act as a deterrent for heinous crimes.

When did you first develop this hobby? The games are of various kinds. What language is spoken here? What are the most popular shows in your country?

How many hours of television do you usually watch? You can begin this paragraph with phrases like: Then they are disappointed when they take the exam and do NOT get the band score that they need to enter their university degree course. What kind of games did you play when you were a child?

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Even after her busy day, she won't go to bed without reading the newspaper. What special food is associated with this festival? What special activities are associated with this festival? Related Academic English Articles.

Someone who held the opposing view would say that What do you usually do on the Internet? I am a native English speaker and I am an English teacher, so the sentences should be good, shouldn't they?

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